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Hi, I’m Jessica Croker, founder of Seedpod Yoga.  Have you ever thought a yoga practice would be a good addition to your life but were intimidated by public classes?  Or maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of yoga but just didn’t know where to start?  Do you already love yoga, but making it a consistent practice has left you at a loss as to how to go about it in a way that would fit your real life?  If these thoughts have crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

My most important roles are wife and homeschooling mother of 6, but I’m also a yoga teacher.  I’m a yoga teacher with a calling to empower other mothers and daughters to feel at home in their bodies, to feel more centered and balanced in who they really are, and to feel more unified mind, body, and spirit.   I want to be your yoga teacher.

My yoga practice started 13 years ago with a prenatal yoga book.  The poses and connection to my breath also gave me a deeper connection to the little boy that was then growing inside of me.  Each time I practiced my day just went better.  As years passed and more babies came I made it regularly to classes at the YMCA, did a smattering of videos, visited yoga studios—but it wasn’t until I started a consistent, daily practice that I experienced the profound healing that yoga has to offer.  It has taught me the power of my breath to calm my mind, that strength is built little by little, that with faith and diligent effort I can do things I never thought possible (like balance in headstand in the middle of a room!).  It has profoundly changed and healed how I feel about my body as a temple— a beautiful one.  My daily yoga practice has helped me feel, on a visceral level, that my true nature is what the ancient yogis called sat-chit-ananda—pure joy, pure bliss, and pure love.

The word yoga means union— union mind, body, and spirit.  I love that yoga teaches that moving our bodies mindfully, with intention and integrity is necessary spiritual work.  And so, my deeply held beliefs as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (a Mormon) can’t help but seep in to my teaching.

I hope you’ll join me here in my virtual studio.  My goal is to help you enjoy the profound benefits of a consistent practice in a way that will fit your real life.  I’ll regularly post videos for you to learn and practice along to and write my thoughts and insights to go with them.

The divine light in me honors the divine light in you.